Troubleshooting Focus XD with Hub / Connect

There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure optimum performance when using Hub / Connect with Focus XD.

  • Make sure you use the latest Focus XD firmware as provided on our website. Even if the speaker should have the latest version out of the factory, update it just to double check.
  • Reset the Focus XD speakers and Hub / Connect. Read more here.
  • Make sure that any Wi-Fi receiving or sending devices are located at least 50 cm / 20 inches from both the Focus XD speakers and from the Hub / Connect.
  • Try using a different Zone setting on the speaker (Red / Green / Blue switch on the Focus XD speaker).
  • Try using a different ID setting on the Hub / Connect (A / B / C switch). After the change, remember to powercycle the speakers and then re-select the ID via the Focus XD remote.
  • Try changing the Connect from High Resolution to Multiroom Mode, and vice-versa. After the change, remember to powercycle the speakers.
  • Double check the Master / Slave setting on the Focus XD speakers. If using a wired connection, the signal needs to go from the source to the Master (Digital In) first, then from the Master (Digital Out) to the Slave (Digital In).
  • Make sure your digital source outputs a PCM stereo signal. Read more here.
  • Double check if your source is playing and works in a different setup.
  • If possible, try fixing available Wi-Fi networks to a specific frequency range. This frees up frequencies for the Connect. Please read the documentation of your wireless router for details.
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