Is Focus XD suitable for surround / multichannel?

Focus XD has been developed for stereo playback. The Focus XD or Hub / Connect cannot decode any DTS or Dolby Surround signals. 

However, Focus XD can be used effectively as a front, center or rear speaker if connected to the analogue pre-out outputs of the surround receiver to the analogue speaker inputs Analog Audio In.

Please also see the Focus XD manual page 19.

If using a Hub / Connect Focus XD can even be used wirelessly by connecting the Hub / Connect to the pre-out outputs of the surround receiver.

Theoretically, several Hub / Connect (set as A, B and C) can be connected to the front, center and rear outputs of the sound receiver, although the simultaneous use of multiple Hub / Connect can lead to sound dropouts, depending on the utilization of the wireless network and is therefore not recommended.

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