Troubleshooting Xeo with Hub / Connect

Please note: The following only applies to Xeo Hub / Xeo Connect (Xeo 2 / Xeo 4 / Xeo 6)

There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure optimum performance when using Hub / Connect with Xeo.

  • Reset the Xeo speakers and Hub / Connect. Read more here.
  • Make sure that any Wi-Fi receiving or sending devices are located at least 50 cm / 20 inches from both the Xeo speakers and from the Hub / Connect.
  • Try using a different Zone setting on the speaker (Red / Green / Blue switch on the Xeo speaker).
  • Try using a different ID setting on the Hub / Connect (A / B / C switch). After the change, remember to powercycle the speakers and then re-select the ID via the Xeo Master Remote Control.
  • Only applies to Xeo 2, Xeo 4 / Xeo 6 do not support High Resolution Mode: Try changing the Connect from High Resolution to Multiroom Mode, and vice-versa. After the change, remember to powercycle the speakers.
  • Make sure your digital source outputs a PCM stereo signal. Read more here.
  • Double check if your source is playing and works in a different setup.
  • If possible, try fixing available Wi-Fi networks to a specific frequency range. This frees up frequencies for the Connect. Please read the documentation of your wireless router for details.
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