How do I connect Xeo to my HiFi system?

  • Analogue – The easiest way involves a preamplifier output / pre-out, which is connected to the Xeo Transmitter / Hub / Connect, or Xeo 2 with an analog RCA stereo cable. The volume can then be controlled via the preamplifier or the Xeo speaker. 
  • Analogue – It is also possible to connect the Xeo Transmitter / Hub / Connect, or Xeo 2 to the tape output. It is only possible to control the volume via the Xeo speaker here, and the preamplifier volume should be set to 0.
  • Digital – CD players or other digital sources without a HiFi system can also be connected directly to Xeo digitally via a TOSlink optical cable - or via coaxial digital (Hub / Connect only).
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