How do I connect Xeo to an Apple Mac?

Xeo 3 / Xeo 5 / Xeo 4 / Xeo 6

The Xeo Transmitter / Xeo Hub / Xeo Connect can be connected via the included USB cable. The Mac usually detects Xeo automatically and deactivates the installed speaker. Otherwise, Xeo can be selected as “Xeo Sound Device“ in the system settings via the menu item Sound / Outputs.

Please note that Connect requires the external power supply to be plugged also.

The volume is controlled either via iTunes or the Xeo speaker.

Xeo 2

Xeo 2 can be used in connecetion with a Xeo Hub / Connect, or by using the audio output of your Apple Mac plugged directly into the Xeo 2 Master speaker. Depending on the output of the Apple Mac computer the connection can be either optical digital (recommended, requires Toslink to Mini-Toslink adapter or cable, not included) or analog.


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