How do I adjust speaker settings on Dynaudio Music?

Use the Dynaudio App to adjust speaker settings. Open the Dynaudio App, select the speaker you wish to adjust and tap the “settings” icon in the upper right to access settings.

Sound Settings

EQ: Choose between 3 different preset equalizer settings; MusicMovie or Speech.

Bass and Treble: Adjust bass and treble level.

NoiseAdapt: Choose between OFF or Intelligent.

RoomAdapt: Choose between OFF or Intelligent.


Wi-Fi: Shows the network the speaker is currently connected to.


Auto power off (10 mins): On/Off

LED brightness: Change speaker LED brightness. Choose between 5 levels.

Speaker info: Rename speaker, see IP address, serial number, package number, firmware version and do factory reset

Firmware updates: Press to check for firmware update.




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