My video sound is out of sync on Dynaudio Music!

If you use your Dynaudio Music speaker for video sound, we do recommend connecting your speaker with a cable, that be AUX (all), optical (Music 5 & 7), HDMI ARC (Music 7).

If you wish to play wirelessly, we recommend using Bluetooth.

Airplay can also be used from a Mac by connecting to the speaker under sound output devices. However, please note that you cannot use all applications and/or browsers. The browser will need to support HTML5 and the website from where the video is played, will need to take advantage of it. To give a few examples, YouTube will be in sync while Danish DR TV will not.

If you are connecting two or more speakers in a group, the sound will never be in sync no matter the input. Therefore, you cannot use two Dynaudio Music speakers as left/right channel for TV sound wirelessly. You can connect them by cable, but it will be through a few adapters to get left/right and all speaker drivers in each speaker playing.

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