What are my playback options from Android to Dynaudio Music?

From Android, you have multiple options to play to a Dynaudio Music speaker. Below is a list of your options.

Dynaudio App (Wi-Fi)

  • From the Dynaudio app you can browse radio stations and play them to your Dynaudio Music speaker without assigning it as a preset first.
  • If you haven’t connected your speaker to Wi-Fi, see here how to connect.

Spotify Connect

  • To play via Spotify Connect, simply open the Spotify app, start playback, open “now playing view”, tap the “Listening on” icon in lower left corner and select your Dynaudio Music speaker.

DLNA (Wi-Fi)

  • To play via DLNA, you first need to connect your Dynaudio Music speaker to Wi-Fi. When the speaker is connected, you will need to use an app that supports DLNA playback.


  • Bluetooth works independently of Wi-Fi and can, therefore, be used everywhere. Pair your device with your Dynaudio Music speaker and play.
  • If you haven’t connected your device to your speaker via Bluetooth, see here.


  • Simply plug in a 3.5 mm mini-jack cable in your Dynaudio Music speaker and Android device to play.
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