Using Xeo 2 with Dynaudio Connect or Hub

Dynaudio Xeo 2 is designed to work as a stand-alone speaker system, which can be used with analog or digital inputs on the Xeo 2 master speaker, or via Bluetooth. These functions are available using the supplied Xeo 2 remote control.

The Xeo 2 is also compatible with the Dynaudio Connect and Hub which adds more inputs, multiroom capabilities and DLNA streaming features. Using the Xeo 2 together with the Dynaudio Connect or Hub requires a separate purchase of a Xeo Master Remote control, as the remote control that is included with the Xeo 2 does not support the Dynaudio Connect or Hub. The Xeo Master Remote control can be purchased through any Dynaudio dealer.

*) Dynaudio Connect only.

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